Oral Surgery & Wisdom Teeth

At Brock Starr Dental Care, we know your time is precious, that’s why we perform oral surgery such as wisdom teeth removal and frenectomies right in the comfort of our office.

Wisdom teeth are the last molars on either side of the jaw.  They are the final teeth to emerge, usually between the ages of 16 and 20.  Wisdom teeth can become impacted, or trapped beneath gum tissue or other teeth and bone.  This results in swelling and tenderness.  At Brock Starr we can remove wisdom teeth in-office for your convenience.

We also offer frenectomy procedures where a small fold of tissue that prevents front teeth from closing is removed.  This inhibits gaps from forming between the teeth and can also be done right in the comfort of our office.

We can also complete the entire process of implant placement in-office.

The ability to perform oral surgery right here at Brock Starr Dental Care means less time and money wasted for you, our valued patient.

Painless Injections

We now proudly offer painless injections to all of our patients. Painless injections work by sending a signal to your nerve receptors to essentially close the “pain gate” to your brain, allowing you to enjoy a pain-free and low-stress dental experience.

If you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain or to request a consultation, call us at 905-668-3884.



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