Kids Dentistry

There’s no sight more heartwarming than a smiling, happy child. At Brock Starr Dental Care, we work with kids and their parents to prevent toothaches, cavities, and other childhood oral health concerns.

Here at Brock Starr, we strive to make a trip to the dentist as fun as possible for the child, and as stress-free as we can for their parents. By providing a warm and caring atmosphere we can ease a child’s fear of the dentist. We even have a game room and ball pit for little ones! We’ve found that through providing an entertaining and educational experience, many children actually love their trips to Brock Starr!

Painless Injections

We now proudly offer painless injections to all of our patients. Painless injections work by sending a signal to your nerve receptors to essentially close the “pain gate” to your brain, allowing you to enjoy a pain-free and low-stress dental experience.

It is recommended that children begin regular dental visits at the age of 3. Give us a call at 905-668-3884 today to schedule an appointment at your convenience.



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