Tooth loss is a common issue usually caused by trauma, decay, or aging. While dentures have historically been the only option to treat this problem, recent advancements have allowed patients an amazing new range of choices.

Dental implants function and look just like a natural tooth and are a wonderful option for many people. They are placed directly into the empty socket and develop an attachment with the existing bone structure. Implants transmit all of the sensations of having a natural tooth yet carry none of the potential problems of traditional dentures.

Additionally, patients with multiple missing teeth may not need an implant for each one. Often, one implant can support several teeth via a bridge.

Painless Injections

We now proudly offer painless injections to all of our patients. Painless injections work by sending a signal to your nerve receptors to essentially close the “pain gate” to your brain, allowing you to enjoy a pain-free and low-stress dental experience.

Here at Brock Starr Dental Care we use the latest technology and pain reduction methods to make your implant experience as stress-free as possible. Call us for a consultation today at 905-668-3884.



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